Neuromodulators Are Botox, Dysport, etc.

Neuromodulators are derived from Botulin Toxin and block the effects of the nerve signal to muscle. When used in cosmetics we actually relax the muscles and allow tense overactive muscles to relax, thereby minimizing the wrinkles they cause.

There is no getting around it
We have so many different modalities and tools to choose from that I prefer not to push Botox/ Dysport neuromodulators. I want to only do the procedures that will most benefit you. However, sometimes there is no getting around how it can lift a brow; settle down forehead wrinkles (like I have); or relax crows feet around the eyes. These are quite easy to do.

More to tell
Some of the uses of neuromodulators which you may not be aware of are really interesting. We make use of the concept of Recruitment of muscle fibers. If we relax part of a muscle with botox, sometimes the rest of the muscle will overwork to compensate.

The Depressor Anguli Oris is a triangular muscle that attaches from the corner of the mouth to the jaw and pulls down the corners of the mouth giving an angry look or sad look. By injecting the DAO we can allow the cormers of the mouth to raise up returning that youthful appearance. If anyone does this make sure they go to the lateral fibers otherwise they can hit the Depressor Labii Inferioris and cause a crooked smile.

Nefertiti Lift
The Platysma is a muscle you can see under the neck which makes funny bands when you make a funny neck stretch. This muscle is the same muscle dogs use to shake off. this muscle is now known to go high into the face even above the cheeks. by putting the lower jaw and neck sections to sleep we ask the upper areas to pull up the face and it can pull the jowl way up!

Platysmal bands
Patients have come to me askiing about getting liposuction to their necks when they were incorrectly diagnosed. Platysmal bands are bands of muscle tissue which show on the neck with age related muscle "tears" or decussation under the neck. These can be treated with neuromodulator. Figure on 5 units every few inches down the bands.


How long does Botox last?
Botox starts to work in 10 days and can last for 3 to maximum 4 months for chronic treatments. The more you use, within reason, the longer it lasts. Balance that with not wanting to over treat and having a dead appearance. Pardon that expression. Dysport starts in a few days and can last four months or longer. It is slightly different in that you need 3 times more and it is one-third the price. That makes sense.

The last time my forehead was treated I looked tired?
The Frontalis muscle, which has fibers going in an "up and down" direction, are the only thing holding up your brows, besides the forehead skin. Over treatment can lead to loss of brow height and a tired appearance.

Why do they put ice on my Botox after treatment?
We do not agree with this. We use diabetic syringes with 5 units, use them once and toss them. If you are getting 25 units I will use 5 syringes for safety, can't inject more than what is in needle; and comfort use for one injection, not multiple injections. Ice can damage the neuromodulator under the skin.