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Restore The Lost Volume In Your Cheeks and Chin To Restore Your Youthful, Healthy Appearance Now

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We are using deep filler techniques with Hyaluronic Acid agents, which is more natural than older dermal techniques. This replaces the lost volume where it is most needed, in the areas of volume loss. Nasolabial filler in the dermis is old school and inadequate. Done this way it may not look appropriate nor will it last long. We place HA filler under the skin to revolumize the cheeks and chin and it lasts so much longer and is so much safer and natural looking. You won't see the terrible blue tint (Tindall effect), get lumps or bumps or pain with this technique.

We only use Hyaluronic Acids as they are reversible.Your safety comes first. We have never had to reverse a filler, but it is nice to know it can be done. Using Sculptra or Radiesse could present some problems, due to their lack of reversibility.. Safety is always our first consideration.

We love Restylane and Perlane as they cause much less immediate swelling. We have had patients confirm this by reporting immediate swelling with Juvederm. this is because Restylane and Perlane are less hydrophilic, "they don't like water and therefore do not abosorb it readily. Restylane goes in the cheeks and under the eyes and Perlane is thicker and holds up well in the chin.

The fillers and Neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport can be used together for a complete cosmetic solution to make you look years younger.

Injections are done at both the Newtown and Sellersville sites.

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