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This Is Our Vision

We have loved Cosmetic Care for years. DJ first intoduced me to this two years before we embarked on this journey. She had needs whcih were not being met and asked me to look at the possibilities. We trained for a long time before purchasing equipment. too many will be sucke in with the "ROI" talk and miss what is important for outcomes.

The science was fascinating, the artisitic side intriguing. Having always found myself on the patient care and advocasy side of the table I found a real need for a different kind of care. Patients need education in cosmetic concepts. They can't go online and try to make sense of these concepts. they can't be a "captive audience." Patients are smart and when given complex concepts in a easy to understand dialog, they will able to understand what we are trying to do and and have realisitc expectations for what can and can't be done.

Not a single patient I have seen, seeking Botox, had ever been taught of the muscles in the face and what we try to accomplish. with Neuromodulator. I ask, " Do you know how we get a brow lift? Do you know what makes crows feet?" My favorite is, "What is the only thing holding up the brow?" I mean no disrespect to my peers, but doctors should slow down and enjoy the moments of teaching which makes being a physician such a wonderful endeavor in the first place.

We have a method. First clear the canvas. IPL to rid all of the pigmentation and redness. Then look at the volume loss and put some fluff in the cheeks. Raise the nasolabial fold with this. Maybe restore your chin and give balancce and haromony to your profile. Now get some brow lift with Xeomin. If there is a severe texture problem consider a low level Erbium Laser Peel. It is not this cookie cutter, how ever, and everyone's desires and needs will vary.

If you want cheap Botox, don't come here. We want a relationship and we will teach uou how it is done and you will show us how to meet your goal in follow up. We open fresh bottles of Botox or Xeomin for one or two patients and use it up in 24 hours. We will not keep mixed product waiting for a client. I don't want old product in me and I won't try to give it to you.

What We Will Do

We will listen to you carefully to learn of your needs, desires and expectations.

We will teach you the science of esthetic medicine on a level which will allow you the ability to make more informed decisions and feel comfortable about your care.

We will explain the technology we employ, as well as other competing technologies in a fair, unbiased, fact-based approach.

We will see you through all phases of your treatment. Your comfort, your safety and your goals are our priority. Dr. Richman even makes house calls with other clinical staff to see you after a laser peel!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring the most advanced laser technology with the most advanced safety features, as well as the most advanced injection techniques combined with patient education, towards meeting patient's needs to produce the finest outcomes and advance the profession of Laser and Esthetic Medicine.

About Us

Bruce Richman, DO is a Graduate of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, class of 1986.

He is a member of American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

Ms. Diedre Jaye is a graduate of the Magnolia Beauty School.

She is a Pennsylvania licensed Esthetician.

She has a special interest in Acne management through cosmoceuticals and dietary modification.