Short discussion
IPL or Intense Pulsed Light uses a flash lamp to put light energy into the skin to treat various problems such as pigmentation, rosacea and general photoaging. Our device uses a cooled sapphire crystal to protect the epidermis from the energy which is directed to the lower dermis. By cooling the skin we are able to give more aggressive treatments while improving the comfort and safety of the procedure.

More to tell you
IPL or Intense Pulsed Light is not a laser treatment, but a flash lamp which delivers many different wavelengths of light. We insert filters into the the handpiece to adjust the wavelengths of light to meet the needs ofthe patients problem. Our device is known as the BBL or Broad Band Light. It is a very special, very advanced IPL unit. By having two flashlamps it will never loose energy. Many other devices will suffer slow energy loses from the lamps and it will never be known to the operator. Our device gives perfect energy each shot. Our device also cools the skin before, during and after treatment. By cooling the skin we are able to increase the power of the treatment with out affecting comfort or safety. Many who have had treatments elsewhere are shocked at the comfort of a treatment.